bodhgaya development association


bodhgaya development association

The Brief

The Bodhgaya Development Association is an organisation that supports the very poor and marginalised in the small community of Bodhgaya, India. They have a number of regular supporters and several projects and feel it is important to keep their supporters informed of progress and achievements. Their newsletter was several pages long, word-heavy and difficult to read. The new one needed to communicate better.

bodhgaya development association

The Solution

The first thing was to create a header and footer that gave a professional impression. Then it was a case of working out which stories would go where. There was a lot of text so we summarised the content and found appropriate pictures for each story. We used a column grid to break the stories up into manageable, easy-to-read segments. Break-out quotes were used to add space and to pique interest. The end result was very well received!

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