JJ Ellis Personal Trainer


JJ Ellis Personal trainer posters

The Brief

At the gym where JJ trains there are more than 15 personal trainers…that’s competitive! Being a motivated young trainer, JJ created specialist classes that he ran during the week to help gym-goers learn some new techniques and feel more confident in the gym. He needed to promote the classes and his programmes.


The Solution

There were only very specific places where JJ was allowed to put promotions up at the gym so we created posters aimed at attracting attention and maximising the given space. The posters were printed at the local SNAP Printing on A3 board. The flyers were produced on our colour copier to make everything cost-effective. 

I am a personal trainer and I have enlisted Deb’s services a few times now. The first time I had her make up some posters which I put in the gym that I work at. They looked great, and stood out from the rest of the posters that were vying for attention either side of them. A friend of mine that frequents my gym mentioned them as well, noting how vibrant they were and how they stood out from the others (and he has a degree in marketing). Due to the fact that I was so happy with the quality of Deb’s work (not just her artistic and creative talent, but also her understanding of marketing strategy ) I decided to get her to make up some more posters and brochures as well. What she came up with was of the same high standard, and I have picked up business because of them. Deb is a talented, artistic and experienced graphic designer, and if you need to get anything designed, she would be my recommendation. J.J. Ellis, Morningside, QLD

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