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Stocks Appliances

The Brief

The sales team at Stocks Appliances use ipads to showcase their products when making sales visits to building and architect firms. Their problem was that there was not always time for opening the software and going through their presentation. They needed a way to immediately communicate the range of quality products and services Stocks Appliances offers.

Stocks Appliances

The Solution

The best way to get immediate attention – and to communicate professionalism and quality – is with a crisp and modern printed brochure. Using images that Stocks Appliances sourced from suppliers, The Layout Place crafted a brochure which encapsulated their quality products and service. The sales team now had instant engagement as well as a memento of their visit to leave behind.  

We employed Deb Winfield at The Layout Place to do a brochure for us after seeing one she had produced for a client of ours and hearing their good reviews. Deb took great care to listen to our needs and deliver a product that represented our high-end, quality appliance business. All of her work was delivered on time and she made sure we were aware of the design and artwork processes. She gave advice on the printing process, got several quotes and organised the printing and delivery. She made the whole process easy and gave us a great result.  Jim Stock, Owner

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Honestly! We are here for you. Giving our customers a product they love, that works for their business is what makes us get out of bed in the morning. We are totally happy to answer any questions you may have.