Great Desert Tracks Atlas & Guide


Great Desert Tracks Atlas & Guide

The Brief

The Atlas and Guides published by Hema Maps average 120-300 pages and are full of valuable content for the Australian traveller. The books are information-heavy but also contain lots of beautiful photography and mapping throughout. The challenge is to present the large volume of content in a way that looks attractive and is easy for the reader to digest since the purpose of these books – which take people to out of the way destinations – is to help travellers to plan their journey, to enjoy their adventures and to stay safe.

Great Desert Tracks Atlas & Guide

The Solution

Deb, The Layout Place founder, has been designing and laying out Hema’s books since their inception 20 years ago. Over this time the designs have been fine-tuned but the main focus has always been to present the information in a way that is easy for the traveller to use. The demographic of readers is predominantly over 50 years of age so it is important that the design and layout be clean and simple with beautiful images amongst the all-important mapping.

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